Sunday, May 23, 2004


If you're like me....'re wondering when the hell President Bush is going to start fighting back against his critics?'re wondering how NO good news is making out of Iraq...?'re shocked to hear ANY comparisons made between Abu Ghraib prison abuses and the genocidal, homicidal, mass grave digging regime of Saddam Hussein. (read this link!)'re sick of the partisan blame game taking place as the "9/11 Commission." (did you ever hear the "Republican Attack Machine" or Karl Rove blame Clinton for 9/11?)'re going to be sickened if another Democrat swoops in to take credit for the economic progress already underway. (think 1992 all over again)

...if you welcome the decisive leadership of the Bush administration, yet worry that his inability to sell his own agenda is threatening conservatism for years to come....then read on...this blog is for you.

...and finally, you're sick of the arrogant and morally bankrupt positions of the left where somehow hand wringing constitutes action and symbolism rules over substance.

I'm bohemianlikeyou and I welcome you to my brain spill.

I miss Ronald Reagan.



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