Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The War on Women?

A couple weeks back, a large number of shrill, middle-to-upper class ladies gathered in Washington, DC to commiserate as victims of "Bush's War on Women."

Comparing the challenges that exist for American women today as a "warfare" trivialize the real wars on women happening right now in Africa, the Middle-East, and the majority of the third-world. This is not a world of "glass ceilings" or debating "Roe v. Wade" - this is a world where slavery, female circumcision (genital mutilation), "honor murders" (legal executions for adultery), and no legal standing are ways of life for women. Domestic violence is not just a problem in these countries, it's often encouraged and enforced by law.

If you want to fight against the War on Women, may I suggest you start here - not here.

Or...you could start here or here even, to help free more women as we've done in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fight the good fight,



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