Saturday, November 19, 2005

Republican Refusal to Honor Bruce Springsteen a Complete Mystery

Earnest rocker may be hapless victim of mean-spirited Republican squares who don't like rock music or dancing.

AP writer Donna De La Cruz is mystified in her piece yesterday why some Republicans may not support "an effort by New Jersey's two Democratic senators to honor the veteran rocker."

This editorial version of the movie Footloose piece of investigative journalism doesn't mention what the Democratic effort is exactly or offer any quotes from Republicans explaining their position on it.

Ms. De La Cruz concludes Republicans "are apparently still miffed a year after the Boss lent his voice to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry."

Democratic sponsors John Corzine and Frank Lautenberg express their befuddlement too stating simply, "even if the Republicans don't like (Springsteen's) tunes, I would hope they appreciated his contributions to American culture."

Please accept my apology, Bruce. It is a shame that some on the political Right may still be sore at you for simply lending your voice (and 44 million) to the Kerry campaign. After all, courageous celebrities like yourself should never have to suffer the indignity of paying a price for your convictions.


Footnote - A Very Incomplete Summary of the Boss' record on Republicans:

The night after Ronald Reagan was first elected President in 1980, Springsteen told an audience in Arizona, "I don't know what you guys think about what happened last night, but I think it's pretty frightening."

During a concert in 1988, The Boss pledged support for Michael Dukakis and told audience members, "Don't vote for that f*cking Bush."

Springsteen started his Sept. 15, 2003 concert at Shea Stadium with a recorded audio loop of President Bush repeating the words "mass destruction, war and peace."

Bruce Springsteen told a crowd of 50,000 New Yorkers on October 4th, 2003 to "shout a little louder if you want the President impeached," and "Let's get a man in the White House who knows how to handle this mess!"

August 2004, Springsteen explained he was joining the Vote for Change music tour because "we dived headlong into an unnecessary war in Iraq, offering up the lives of our young men and women under circumstances that are now discredited."

From 2004, Springsteen cited the widely discredited notion President Bush "will not honor our fallen dead by attending any funerals or even by permitting photos of their flag-draped coffins."

Springsteen from a September 2004 Rolling Stone interview, "I felt we had been misled. I felt [the Bush Administration] had been fundamentally dishonest and had frightened and manipulated the American people into war."

From October 2004, "We're here to raise our voices loud and clear," said Springsteen. "We want to change our government."

A public service announcement in 2004 featured Springsteen telling viewers that all are welcome at the shows, "except for Dick Cheney. I think that's where I draw the line."


Blogger Joanna said...

Springsteen who? He's all hype always has been and always will be.

He's pathetic like the rest of them.

11/19/2005 03:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock 'n roll

11/20/2005 02:11:00 AM  
Anonymous insanehippie said...

Poor Bruce Springsteen, so when is Sally Struthers going to go on a "Help Feed the Celebrities" world tour? I'm sure Mr. Springsteen is having trouble feeding his children due to his lagging record sales.

I'm getting my wallet out right now I know that my 85 cents a day would be better spent knowing that Michael Moore, The Boss, Harry Belafonte and Al Franken won't starve tonight!

11/20/2005 04:43:00 AM  
Anonymous ray b said...

I'm glad you posted Springsteen's quotes -- he was right then and he's right now.

11/21/2005 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

He's entitled to say whatever he wants. He's also entitled to pay a price for it. This is something Liberals seem never to understand.

11/21/2005 11:41:00 AM  
Anonymous flora mcdonald said...

The Springsteen tapes in my household hit the trashbin a few years ago after I actually listened to the words of Born in the USA.

Wearing jeans 2 sizes too small for that many years seems to drastically lower testosterone levels in a man and eventually restricts the flow of oxygenated blood to vital organs.

It gives me great hope for the future when I see all these kids swaggering around in baggy pants. At least their brains won't atrophy before they reach 30 like so many of our posturing rocksters' have.

11/21/2005 03:24:00 PM  
Anonymous ray b said...

"He's also entitled to pay a price for it." ?? what price? I doubt he cares about the stupid thing in the Senate, do you?

11/21/2005 04:04:00 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

This article demonstrates perfectly the dynamic where the Left can say whatever they want and when someone calls them on it, it's labeled an "attack."

Look at what the press has done to the President who has merely quoted Democrats in their support for the war. "Beyond decency..."

This is the height of Liberal bias. Slant through omission of context, facts, quotes, etc...

I spent 20 minutes Googling to come up with 10 very inflammatory comments made by the Boss about Republicans.

For a "writer" with the Associated Press to omit such widely available facts about him in the context of this story is not an accident.

11/21/2005 07:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you could use a break and a laugh, I found Al Gore's Blog really funny...

11/22/2005 11:29:00 PM  

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