Saturday, April 30, 2005

Divine Right to $1.00 per Gallon

When did $1.00 for a gallon of gas become a Constitutional Amendment?

Capitalists understand that OPEC has the right to sell crude oil (or pennywhistles and moon pies for that matter) at whatever price the market will bear. And as consumers, we either pay their price, pay a competitor less, develop alternatives, or increase our own supply.

What Americans can't do, however, is take full advantage of the profits that a laissez-faire system affords each and every one of us, then question the right of others to enjoy the same.

I am curious though, why it is that EVERYTHING else we buy can double, triple, or quadruple in price (housing, fast food, candy, cement, financial services, hotel rooms, bread, software, glass, etc...) yet, gasoline must stay near $1.00 or "sound the alarm - something is terribly wrong!"

After all, adjusted for inflation, gasoline sells at about the same price it did more than 30 years ago. Don't trust the MSM to give you the straight dope either as they parrot one another with the phrase, "Record Gas Prices...blah blah blah."

I don't expect Liberals with little understanding of free markets or free peoples to get this...but I do expect Conservatives to do more than "get it." We must help our ignorant friends around us complaining at the pumps and shaking their fists at televised images of our President by enlightening them to Economics 101.

This is easier said than done, of course. You'll have to endure the irrational counter charges that you're in bed with big oil, brainwashed, or even a Republican. Nonetheless, press on and apply a Socratic approach to enlighten the mouth-breathers with this question:

"Why is a gallon of milk almost twice as expensive as a gallon of gasoline?"


Blogger RayB42 said...

I agree people are whining about the price of gas. The demand for oil is high because of the cars we drive and the populations of India and China (can't we send them more contraceptives?).

But why is the Bush Administration trying to give a tax credit to the oil companies (to drill more) when giants like Exxon Mobil posted the last week of April 2005 its highest quarterly profit - some $7.86 Billion. That's just for one quarter.

Do the oil companies really need a tax break Now? I don't think Ronald Reagan would think so and I know you would agree him on that.

5/03/2005 03:05:00 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

Good points my friend. However, Reagan would give tax breaks to all, not just poor people or failing companies.

bohemian like you

5/04/2005 06:45:00 PM  

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