Thursday, April 14, 2005

I Pledged Nothing

I called my local NPR station today to advise that this year, I would be giving nothing.

In past years I have made modest donations as I have enjoyed the commercial free news and programs since I was in high school. Despite their Leftist leanings, I have always found the news thoughtful and credible.

Until last year.

The fever-pitched favoritism and bias during the 2004 presidential election became too much. I simply can't believe a word they say now. I told the volunteer this when I called to advise them I would not be pledging this year. Incredibly, she seemed to get it.

Too bad the news editors still don't. Just last week, upon waking to NPR on my wife's alarm clock, I heard 5 mentions of "moderate Republican" in just 5 minutes. You know, "moderate" as opposed to the "jackbooted, foaming at the mouth, reactionary,
extreme Republicans."

What Liberal media?


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