Thursday, June 09, 2005

Old, Out of it, and Irrelevant

Today on MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, CBS New veteran Bob Schieffer compared Guantanamo Bay to the actual gulag where John McCain was tortured in Viet Nam. Even Amnesty has backed away from that description of Gitmo.

Bob, your "concerned" hyperbole is fooling no one anymore. Your transparent slander is obvious.

Don, your counter-culture view of authority is shared by everyone -- over 50 and out of rehab or under 20 and on their way to rehab.

Funny -- just minutes before this hilarious comparison, they were both discussing the heady "glory days" of Watergate/Woodward/Deep Throat, etc...

Fellas, you're the dinosaurs and the Internet is the hail of asteroids blotting out your sun.

Fond Farewell.


Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

This comment placed here for the same purpose that a bartender puts a couple of his own dollars in the tip jar at the beginning of his shift. Comments beget comments.

7/05/2005 09:22:00 AM  

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