Saturday, May 21, 2005

Source Of Saddam Photos Not Disconfirmed

The source of the Saddam underpants photos has been revealed as Democratic National Chair, Howard Dean.

An anonymous well-positioned, senior-level Pentagon source who did not respond to my repeated email requests to confirm that Dean took the photos has in effect, affirmed Dean as the source by not disconfirming it.

Dean will likely be praised by Democratic insiders for his bravery and foresight in taking the photographs and strategically leaking them to a British tabloid months later to embarrass the President and draw further attention to the Administration's battered reputation among many Muslims and Western Liberals.

In what many are calling Dean's "masterstroke", he has been able to simultaneously maintain the assault on the U.S. military's image worldwide, and draw attention away from his party's agenda that has been roundly criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike as devoid of ideas and focused entirely on obstruction.

Conspiracy theorists, however, offer a much different explanation for the former tyrant's underwear model turn. Staffers still working at Air America believe the photographer may have actually been House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay.

Delay's interest in the photos or leaking them has yet to be clearly outlined, but considering their many shadowy connections to big oil, nude prisoner pyramids and genital mockery at Abu Ghraib, pharmaceutical lobbies, Halliburton, and the NRA, prominent Republicans have created an environment where it's all too easy for many to believe he or President Bush had a hand in it.

This charge may not need much proof to stick and become yet another problem for the beleaguered President or his Majority Leader. Senate Ethics chair, Ted Kennedy promised to begin investigative inquiry immediately.


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