Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Farrakhan: Levees Were "Blown Up"

Finally, a rational voice...

A little exercise involving two ministers:

Search Google News for the words "Farrakhan" and "blown up" to see how many media outlets carried this lunacy.

Now, search Google News for "Pat Robertson" and "assassination" to see how many carried that lunacy.

(Answer: 4 vs. 3390 respectively)

Surprise! Air America hosts support this conspiracy theory. It's hard to understand why AAR isn't profitable -- absolutely baffling.
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Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

This comment placed here for the same purpose that a bartender puts a couple of his own dollars in the tip jar at the beginning of his shift. Comments beget comments.

9/14/2005 09:16:00 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I don't doubt Farrakhan's assertion. I heard on the radio the other day that Judge Robertson and Karl Rove snuck in and dynamited the levees just before the hurricane hit. Bastards!

9/14/2005 10:17:00 PM  
Blogger Bohemian Like You said...

Yes, Darrell. They're on to them.

The gig is up. The "no bombs for levees left behind" policy has been exposed.

9/15/2005 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous ray b said...

Farrakhan is less scary cause he doesn't have a TV show seen daily on hundreds of stations nor has Farrakhan, like Robertson did for the Republicans, run for the nomination of President in the Democratic Party. But he is a nut -- ever here Farrakhan go on about the number 19?!?!?

From a web site:

"Not only has Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, but he has shown a macabre tendency to wish the angel of death on any and all who draw his wrath. For example, this venomous man of the cloth has told his TV flock that he’d like to set off a nuclear bomb in the state department. Then, when Disney World displeased him, he threatened all of Orlando with a hellacious rain of death involving “some serious hurricanes ... terrorist bombs ... earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.”

9/16/2005 03:00:00 PM  

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