Saturday, October 08, 2005

An Editorial with Numbers

Mainstream Media Hastens Own Irrelevance

Via Newsbusters

"The Associated Press is up to its old tricks again. In its latest doom and gloom piece, “Poll: Groups Unhappy with Bush Performance,” they report that the president’s approval rating dropped to 39% in the most recent AP/Ipsos poll. Add to that today’s CBS poll that has the number at 37% and Bush supporters might have reason to squirm…except that they don’t.

As is usual, these anti-Bush organizations under-poll Republicans while over-polling Democrats. The AP survey contained only 40% Republicans versus 48% Democrats, while the CBS boys tilted the playing field an amazing 43% to 57% in favor of the Dems.

A further dig into the AP/Ipsos numbers reveals just who is being polled. Of the “average” folks interviewed, only 50% were employed full-time, 47% had a combined household income under $50,000 a year and most curiously, 20%--or double the national level--claimed no religious affiliation."

These must be the same "average folks" who attended the War Protests.


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