Saturday, October 08, 2005

Philadelphia's Tax Dollars at Work: Helpful Hints for Hookers

I'd love to take credit for this as parody. But unfortunately, "Tricks of the Trade" is an actual pamphlet distributed to prostitutes in the city of Brotherly Love.

To the mayor's credit, he "blew a gasket when he learned city funds were used" to make a how-to manual complete with tips on what to wear, price lists, time limits, whether to be on top, etc...

This booklet covers it all. (Warning: link has explicit descriptions of sex acts) For instance, I learned that "it's never a good idea to let a stranger tie you up."
Hmmm... How can I subscribe to this valuable information?

I also learned that NYC has similar publications for crack, heroin, and hormones -- although, not on the public dime. Thank You, Mr. Giuliani.


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