Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Michael Moore - Genius

Don't get down about Michael Moore's ranting and raving about everything you hold dear. Admit it...he's a genius.

Yet, he has one fatal a true left winger, he's a great critic. He'll tell you in great detail everything that's wrong with the U.S., capitalism, your mother, Moses, etc...Hell, even the grandaddy of left critique (Marx's Communist Manifesto) is right on the money sometimes. However, just like Communist governments, he's long on complaints, short on solutions, bloated, and ugly.

Solutions require creativity and leadership. Surprisingly enough, Michael Moore is terribly uncreative. Don't believe me? Rent Canadian Bacon sometime. This is Michael Moore's ATTEMPT to create a work of fictional comedy as opposed to his normal character assassination pieces he's so good at. I rented this when I was a leftist student back in college. I turned it off halfway through because is was simply not funny - worse, I almost fell asleep. Even worse - I felt sorry for him it was so bad.

It gets a paltry 5 out of 10 stars on the IMDB even. Keep in mind that mostly FANS of his rented it too - not exactly your Fox News Channel audience...har dee har har. Seriously folks, this movie is so bad that people were walking out of it on airplanes.

Canadian Bacon proves my point simply and clearly: It's much easier to sit back, criticize, mock, condemn, lament, document failure, skewer, etc....than to take responsibility for a plan of action.

Michael Moore and his "film" vividly illustrate the Left's fixation with criticism and concern without action and answers. Yet, "concern" doesn't cut it. "Concern" about Iraq cost at least 300,000 Shia and Kurds their lives. Liberating them with guns, ammo and troops actually solves the problem.

Perfectly? Of course not. The American Revolution was much more of a disaster...yet, if Michael Moore had been around then, we might still live under the King.

Again, once you've had to create solutions to problems then carry them out, you're far less likely to ankle bite those who are actively solving problems. In Michael Moore's case, he best stick to his true gift - critiquing others and CARING about things.

So sit back and enjoy the caring....pass the popcorn - this guy is hilarious!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The War on Women?

A couple weeks back, a large number of shrill, middle-to-upper class ladies gathered in Washington, DC to commiserate as victims of "Bush's War on Women."

Comparing the challenges that exist for American women today as a "warfare" trivialize the real wars on women happening right now in Africa, the Middle-East, and the majority of the third-world. This is not a world of "glass ceilings" or debating "Roe v. Wade" - this is a world where slavery, female circumcision (genital mutilation), "honor murders" (legal executions for adultery), and no legal standing are ways of life for women. Domestic violence is not just a problem in these countries, it's often encouraged and enforced by law.

If you want to fight against the War on Women, may I suggest you start here - not here. could start here or here even, to help free more women as we've done in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fight the good fight,


Sunday, May 23, 2004


If you're like me....'re wondering when the hell President Bush is going to start fighting back against his critics?'re wondering how NO good news is making out of Iraq...?'re shocked to hear ANY comparisons made between Abu Ghraib prison abuses and the genocidal, homicidal, mass grave digging regime of Saddam Hussein. (read this link!)'re sick of the partisan blame game taking place as the "9/11 Commission." (did you ever hear the "Republican Attack Machine" or Karl Rove blame Clinton for 9/11?)'re going to be sickened if another Democrat swoops in to take credit for the economic progress already underway. (think 1992 all over again)

...if you welcome the decisive leadership of the Bush administration, yet worry that his inability to sell his own agenda is threatening conservatism for years to come....then read on...this blog is for you.

...and finally, you're sick of the arrogant and morally bankrupt positions of the left where somehow hand wringing constitutes action and symbolism rules over substance.

I'm bohemianlikeyou and I welcome you to my brain spill.

I miss Ronald Reagan.