Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NOW Airdrops 50,000 Copies of "Sex in the City" to Sudanese Women

National Organization for Women responds to plight of Sudanese with Premium Edition DVDs


Sudanese spokeswoman Alija Bahkann: "Ours is a world of slavery, female circumcision, honor murders, executions of rape victims, and no legal standing for women of any age. Violence against us is enforced by law. We are property. Please help us."

National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy: "We want Sudanese women to know they can be both assertive and successful in today's world. And, no one portrays this new female empowerment better than the sassy cast of SITC. It's okay to balance career and family. It's okay to talk openly and frankly about your needs, orgasms, politics, dating, and the like. Speak your mind. After all, we've come a long way, baby!

Hybrid Segway Uses Coal to Travel at Speeds up to 90 MPH

Don't miss the "Outrage a Liberal" headline contest currently underway. Over 50 submissions and counting so far yielding untold volumes of Liberal disgust.

The winner will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle.

Click here to enter your headline. Also, don't forget to add the brand new, WHYGRR "Wars Prevented by the UN" counter to your site!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Who Says the Democrats Don't Have a Plan?

Actions define our intentions - not our words. So, I've taken the liberty of putting into writing, the Democrat's plan for Iraq and armed conflict in general based solely upon their actions. It is curious why this approach isn't resonating with more Americans:
  • Support the war and make compelling cases for use of force provided it’s popular.
  • Articulating threats is risky politically. Responding to realized threats is not.
  • Support military conflict provided it's winnable quickly.
  • Rush to defend any peoples in danger provided Europe agrees and domestic elections are not within one year.
  • Rush to defend any strategic US interests provided Europe agrees and domestic elections are not within one year.
  • Use caring, empathetic language for those oppressed or killed behind iron curtains. This placebo approach can be couched in soaring rhetoric to persuade others of sincerity and earnest intents - very safe politically.
  • The UN is the perfect forum for the above. Voting and debate on suffering plays well in US and world media.
  • Remain keenly aware that Americans do not care about suffering they do not see (i.e. pre-invasion Iraq).
  • Americans care a great deal about suffering they do see on TV (i.e. post-invasion Iraq) and will hold US forces as responsible for violence they perceive as new.
  • Express vague, lofty concerns throughout beginning of conflict – politically safe and does not preclude you from claiming victory as your own or failure as someone else’s.
  • Stand proudly behind any quick victory pointing to original support.
  • Distance yourself from any sudden failures pointing to your original concerns.
  • Protracted battle requiring sacrifice of blood or political capital is not advised - better to suffer a short, sharp defeat and exit theatre quickly.
  • Short battle failures can be dismissed as the failure of subordinates.
  • Most short battle failures will be forgotten as quickly as the next scandal or missing teen story.
  • Short battle failures may even be termed successes should original objective have not been clarified in detail.
  • Do not run the risk of articulating a vision. Vision may run afoul of changing public opinion and is considered retrograde by media.
  • Conversely, as public support wanes, refer to the pre-war status quo as peaceful and not a threat.
  • Do not address specific pre-war threats to Iraqi citizens, Americans, regional neighbors, or Israel. We do not believe public is informed enough to sustain attention on these topics.
  • The moment Europe or the electorate begins to fatigue on realities of armed conflict; distance yourself from our original support reiterating how you were misled.
  • If a clear scapegoat is available, place blame quickly. Use polling data to ascertain “jumping off point” and begin citing lies disseminated by your political opponents to start an unjust war.
  • When questioned about original support for conflict, explain original support as naïve trust.
  • At every opportunity, decry abuses of your trust and the American People’s trust.
  • At every opportunity, decry missed opportunities to build non-existent coalitions.
  • As opinion polls dip below 50%, deploy base to advocate retreat and silence any supporters of war effort.
  • If immediate retreat is not feasible, demand artificial timelines, politically motivated timetables, and withdraw based upon non-tactical considerations.
  • Refer to enemy prisoners of war as "detainees." This frames their capture as a law enforcement matter and suggests entitlement to attorneys and protections of US courts.
  • Should situation continue to deteriorate, claim moral high ground by being first to demand an end to unjust war.
  • Should situation improve, silence retreat advocates. Claim credit for good news items citing your original support.
  • Qualify success or failure daily based upon media reported body counts.
  • Be advised that major media will report primarily on the operational efficiency of the enemy (car bombings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, beheadings, etc…) and their death tolls.
  • Media will not report on successful American raids, attacks prevented, diplomatic successes, “hearts and minds” activities, school openings, hospitals opening, infrastructure improvements, etc… Reporting American activities in positive light may jeopardize objective observer status.
  • Use restraint when voicing support for American forces or reciting good news items seen online or in alternative media sources. This will be perceived by many in our base as cheerleading and is dangerous politically – not advised within one year of election.

Gates of Fire

Michael Yon's description of a recent firefight in Mosul, Iraq should be required reading for every American over the age of 5.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Have Darwinists “Jumped the Shark?"

William A. Dembski's site Uncommon Descent has a post with this title today. I thought it was worth mentioning because I've taken an interest in this the Intelligent Design vs. Darwinian evolution debate...and I love the term "jumped the shark." He contends that Darwinian evolution is being naturally selected out of the gene pool, so to speak, because it fails to pass certain tests proposed in ID theory. But first, a little history on shark jumping:

From Wikipedia:

The phrase 'Jump the Shark' refers to a scene in a three-part episode of the American television series Happy Days first broadcast on September 20, 1977. In the "Hollywood" episode, Fonzie — wearing swim trunks and his trademark leather jacket — jumps over a tank containing a shark while on water skis.

Many have noted the shark episode as the moment when they realized the show was no longer worth watching, when it became impossible to maintain a certain
suspension of disbelief.

Dembski believes that we're witnessing the "final episodes" of evolution as we know it today.

Let me say for the record, I've not made up my mind yet on these topics. From what I've read so far, I think both theories leave more questions than answers. To find out more yourself, start here and here for (fairly) unbiased reviews of both schools of thought.

While I continue to process these theories, I know this for certain, though. Liberals hate Intelligent Design. And for that reason alone, I'm forced to give it thorough, thoughtful review.

However, thoughtful is about the last thing you'll see ID opponents bring to the table on-line.
Anymore, I run into this type of intellectual transaction instead of informed debate:

ID proponent: Does Darwinian evolution have an answer for Irreducible Complexity?

ID opponent: Piss off, you God loving fascist. Keep your hate out of my schools. F*ck You!

ID proponent: I think you’re missing the point. See, can evolution explain the "Cambrian explosion," in which all major animal groups appear together in the fossil record fully formed instead of branching from a common ancestor...?”

ID opponent: Shut up or I’ll shut you up. Why don’t we all worship noodles - we could be
Pastafarians!! Ha ha - ignorant creationist…

ID proponent: Who said anything about God?

ID opponent: You did, you Jesus Freak!


I think Darwinian defenders have to do better than this type of adolescent refutation of ID. They don't seem to be, though, which gives credence to “jumping the shark” theory.

Please post any links or comments for or against. I'll read them all. (Comments with name calling instead of logical discussion will be deleted - that's right, censorship.)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

President Bush Meets, Arrests Sheehan

Inspired by The Right Place’s caption contest, WHYGRR is pleased to announce the “Outrage a Liberal” Headline submission contest.

The winning headline will earn the writer an
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That’s it. You can enter as often as you like. Entries containing profanity or obscenities will be deleted at my discretion. That’s right, *censorship.*

Some examples from this blog are as follows:
“President Bush meets, Arrests Sheehan”
“Only Karl Rove Can Call for the Assassination of Hugo Chavez”
“Kennedy Apologizes to Nazi Soldiers Held in Allied Camps without Attorneys”

You get the idea.

The headlines are jokes – the contest is real. I can afford to give away an
iPod Shuffle to a creative writer I've never met. After all, I’m a Republican.

One winner along with runners-up will be announced mid-September. Let the Outrage begin!

Add the "Wars Prevented by the UN" Counter to Your Site

Now you too can keep a running tally of just how many wars, genocides, and mass graves the UN has stopped on your site. For 60 years now, no single organization has talked more about mass murdering thugocracies than the United Nations.


This real-time counter refreshes every 5 minutes, but you can manually update the count if you like. Special care has been given to ensure it’s compatible with the
UN Threat Assessment Chart developed by Arthur Chrenkoff.

Here’s the code for the counter.

<a href=""<title="Wars Prevented by UN"><img src="">

Don't thank me. Thank Kofi Annan, Alger Hiss and all the rest who have made this organization the focal point of debate and discussion regarding the world's oppressed.

Only Karl Rove Can Call for the Assassination of Hugo Chavez

I just wanted to see this headline posted. Or as Instapundit says, “Heh.”

Friday, August 26, 2005

Russian Abortions Outnumber Births: Congratulations to Progressives Worldwide

Convenience alone determines life or death for Russian Unborn

From Bloomberg:

Russians are having more abortions than births to avoid the cost of raising children, according to the country's highest-ranking obstetrician.

About 1.6 million women had a termination last year, a fifth of them under the age of 18, while about 1.5 million gave birth, said Vladimir Kulakov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. ``Many more'' abortions weren't reported, Kulakov said in the government's official newspaper.

``The appearance of a first child pushes many families into poverty,'' Kulakov said today. ``Potential parents first try to start a career, stand on their feet and so forth.''

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the ensuing hyperinflation and economic contraction wiped out savings and incomes and discouraged couples from having children. Russians had about 23 percent more abortions than U.S. women in 2004, while the former communist country's population is half the size.

This despite 7% of Russian couples who are unable to have children. Notice the word "adoption" is never mentioned in this story - much like inside the euphemistically named women's "health" system in the US.

Also noticably absent from this candid assessment are the words
"rape," "incest," and "women's health."

Hat's off to the Left for a job well done. A very proud Communist legacy, indeed.

Update: More insights on this tragedy from MaryHunter.

American Soldiers Deserve This Type of Communication From The President, Now.

Wishful thinking from Scrappleface via Southern Conservative

Leak: Draft of Bush Answer to Cindy Sheehan
by Scott Ott

(2005-08-24) -- An internal White House memo, leaked today, indicates how President George Bush initially planned to address Cindy Sheehan's question: What "noble cause" did my son die for?

The draft memo includes suggestions from White House communications staff, followed by several paragraphs apparently handwritten by the president.

While handwriting experts from CBS News continue to pore over the document to verify its authenticity, here is the text of the president's alleged response to the grieving Mom whose protest has captured the hearts of
America's journalists.

Dear Mrs. Sheehan,

You have asked me to identify the noble cause for which your son died. I have not answered you personally out of respect for the nobility of your son's sacrifice.

Being president forces me into the spotlight, but I would rather stand in the shadows of men like Casey Sheehan. Directing national attention on my response to your protest creates a distraction from what matters.

The focus of our attention, and our admiration, should rest on people like Casey Sheehan, who stand in the breach when evil threatens to break out and consume a helpless people. The running story on the news networks should be the valiant efforts of our troops -- the merchants of mercy who export freedom and import honor. They trade their own lives for the sake of others.

As a result, we live in a nation where a woman can camp outside of the president's house and verbally attack the president for weeks on end without fear of prison, torture or death. And the number of nations where such protest is possible has multiplied thanks to the work of our military.

You ask for what noble cause your son died? In a sense he died so that people like you, who passionately oppose government policies, can freely express that opposition. As you camp in Crawford, you should take off your shoes, for you stand on holy ground. This land was bought with the blood of men like your son.

Now, 25 million Iraqis cry out to enjoy the life you take for granted. Most of them will never use their freedom to denigrate the sacrifice of those who paid for it. But once liberty is enshrined in law, they will be free to do so.

And when the Iraqis finally escape their incarceration, hope will spread throughout that enslaved region of the world, eventually making us all safer and more free. The key is in the lock of the prison door. Bold men risk everything to turn it.

Mrs. Sheehan, everyone dies. But few experience the bittersweet glory of death with a purpose -- death that sets people free and produces ripples of liberty hundreds of years into the future.

Casey Sheehan died that freedom might triumph over bondage, hope over despair, prosperity over misery. He died restoring justice and mercy. He lived and died to help to destroy the last stubborn vestiges of the Dark Ages.

To paraphrase President Lincoln, the world will little note nor long remember what you and I say here. But it can never forget what Casey Sheehan did during his brief turn on earth. If we are wise, we will take increased devotion to that cause for which he gave the last full measure of devotion.

Our brave warriors have blazed a trail. They have entrusted the completion of the task to those of us they left behind. Let's, you and I, resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. Let's finish the work that they have thus far so nobly advanced.


George W. Bush

Pat Robertson Calls for Assassination of His Own Relevance

Robertson counters critics, "I won't be destroyed by sleaze ball Communist pornographers. I can self-destruct on my own, thanks."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kennedy Apologizes to Nazi Soldiers Held in Allied Camps without Attorneys

"If you've been hurt in an accident, or detained in a war against the United States, you need a lawyer," Kennedy says.

Kenney asserts SS Colonel, Klaus Schtonk (inset), was detained in England
during WWII, perhaps without a lawyer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Palestine's Oil-Rich Muslim Neighbors Can't End Their Suffering?

Are Palestinians made to suffer before western TV cameras to serve radical Islam's goal of destroying Israel?

A dozen of the world's richest oil producing Muslim nations can't provide clean water, housing, and adequate medical care to people inhabiting a region the size of Vermont?

Why Not?

Democrats: "Why aren't the Bush twins serving in Iraq?"

Republicans: "Why isn't Al Franken serving in the Peace Corps?"

Dyslexic Liberals Untie Against the Raw Effort

"Wake up America! You're being Shubwacked!" declare earnest, fashionable undergraduates.

If Iraq is Viet Nam, then Busch Gardens is Europe

Chuck Hagel is right. Iraq is becoming another Viet Nam - where we lost 58,000 fine young men. At current casualty rates, American deaths in Iraq will total 58,000 sometime around 2086.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Does the Left Know What Oppression Is?

I don't normally repost my comments from another blog on this site. But, in this case, I will make an exception.

I left the comments below on a Leftie's blog (who will remain nameless) in response to his post bemoaning the new "Bush Fascism."

I see this type of cavalier hyperbole more and more from today's Democratic Party and feel compelled to call them on it. (The picture left is linked to a site that does more to trivialize the holocaust than any Nazi denier.)

Is there any wonder as to why they see our soldiers as the forces of evil?

My Comments below:

It seems the Left has an undergraduate fixation for the term "fascist." I wonder if anyone knows what it means anymore. I challenge you to tell everyone, now, about the oppression you're suffering.

Please share...

Would you dare to compare your struggles (or any American's) to that of a woman living under the Taliban?

Or that of a Kurd in pre-Invasion Iraq?
Or that of a Christian in Nigeria?
Or that of a Jew in Belarus?
Or that of a homosexual in Saudi Arabia?
Or that of a black man in Apartheid South Africa?
Or that of a pro-democracy student activist in China?
Or that of a petty thief in Iran?
Or that of a disabled person in Hitler's Germany?
Or that of a starving child in Sudan?
Shall I go on..?

Much like flag-burning, casually blogging about oppression when you're free to do so, is no statement at all.

More disturbing is the manner in which you and the Left trivialize actual oppression in your eternal quest for victim status. Worse, you dilute the meaning of the words used to describe oppression by those who have actually encountered it and lived to tell.

This type of self-indulgent exploration can be afforded only by the truly free.

He was not swayed.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Let Sheehan Meet the President

See why more and more Conservatives support this. From IFOC.

Historians Rethink Clinton's "Fellatio-centric" National Security Policy

Was it an effective strategy against emerging al-Qaeda threats?

Recently declassified testimony indicates the Clinton administration had ample opportunities to capture or kill Bin Laden. This information was not included in the 9/11 Commission's report. Some are wondering why.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ghost of Senator Paul Wellstone Appears Above Sheehan Supporters

"Easy on the Bush-bashing...we know how this ends," cautions liberal apparition.

More strange Crawford activity here at The Right Place. Also, Chrenkoff has quotes from parents that media ignores.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Grim Mathematics of Appeasement

Historical context is among the casualties in reporting of Iraq war dead

2.5 years into the Iraq War: 27 Thousand Killed
(American & Iraqi Armies + Iraqi Civilians)

2.5 years into World War II: 17.5 Million Killed

(55 Million Total 1937-1945 Comprised of sixty-one different nationalities)

What if British and American tanks had smashed into Germany in 1935 demolishing Hitler's nascent Third Reich. Does anyone doubt that today the Left would still be decrying this "Unprovoked War of Aggression against Germany?"

sources = Iraqi Body Count, CNN, MilitaryCity, CBS News

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Intelligent Design Conclusively Disproved by Existence of Air America

"Had we known defrauding charities was frowned upon..."

image courtesy Martin Archer

Not much new to report. I just couldn't resist this headline. Air America's hilarious woes continue to mount. For a complete rundown, check out BoreAmerica, Radio Equalizer, Captain's Quarters, and Michelle Malkin.

cindy sheehan able danger

Monday, August 15, 2005

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Mascot Stereotypes Irish as Short, Fighting

"Fightin' Irish" will join Florida State Seminoles as ineligible for post-season bowl games

The NCAA added Notre Dame to its list of schools barred from post-season play for violation of new guidelines strictly prohibiting "mascots, nicknames or images deemed hostile or abusive in terms of race, ethnicity or national origin."

Native American leftists applauded the decision by the nation's oldest college athletic association and found unlikely allies at yesterday's meeting in at least two dozen
inebriated, combative Irish-Americans.

Walter Harrison, chairman of the NCAA executive committee, sustained minor injuries when he was knocked off-stage by Irish spokesman, Seamus O'Malley.
Bewildered audience members remained seated and silent as O'Malley's slurred and rambling address was delivered by bullhorn despite a functioning microphone in front of him.

After receiving medical treatment, Harrison re-joined O'Malley at the lectern sporting a bandaged and bloodied nose. With his arm around the intoxicated Irishman, Harrison dismissed the assault as “merely expression of joy deeply rooted in their proud traditions of punching and shoving."

The committee meets next week with representatives of other NCAA teams whose
mascots are deemed ethnically offensive under the new zero tolerance guidelines. The partial list includes the following team names: Vikings, Cavaliers, Pirates, Musketeers, Mountaineers, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Pioneers, Highlanders, Gladiators, Trojans, Spartans, Saints, Saxons, Scots, Deacons, Vulcans, Quakers, Minutemen, Fighting Pipers, Flying Dutchmen, Wizards, Lumberjacks, Crusaders, Missionaries, and Rebels.

This piece is satire - sort of...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

American Feminists to Oppressed Muslim Women: "_________."

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bush Reverses Iraq Policy after Listening to New Rolling Stones Song

Arthritic Monkeys Veteran rockers take courageous political stand and create mass uncertainty among Conservative supporters of the President.

Music critics agree that "Sweet Neo Con's" groundbreaking use of "rock music" combined with a strident anti-war message is a risky venture into uncharted territory. This novel approach has never been attempted before and is considered a gamble among industry insiders, but it appears to one that has paid off.

"I can no longer support the logic that keeps our troops fighting in Iraq after listening to Jagger state so eloquently, "You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite, You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think your are full of sh*t!... How come you're so wrong, my sweet neo-con."

President Bush concluded his reading at 11:13 PM last night with the announcement that he has fired chief Neo-Con, Donald Rumsfeld, and will begin withdrawals of all American troops from Iraq starting next month.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iran Resumes Work on Invitation for US & Israeli Asskicking

Could Iran's nuclear ambitions put their collective asses on a collision course with US boots?

Read more here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Roberts' Pro-Bono Work: Liberals Outraged at Lack of Conservative Outrage

"Their refusal to jump when we scream 'fag!' is alarming," claim top Democrats.

Image appears no thanks to Wonkette

Unable to derail the Conservative nominee for the highest court, an exasperated Howard Dean vows that his DNC will "up the ante" if necessary. "We'll remind Republicans at every turn what a queen this man is - showtunes, Streisand, good footwear - you name it, he's into it."

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) reinforced Dean's defiant stance, "We'll use our subpoena power if that's what it takes. I believe Americans want to know exactly how many years Judge Roberts has known Long Dong Silver."

Monday, August 08, 2005

Pelosi: "Were the London suicide bombers depressed?"

Could bombers have been despondent over US/UK policy in Iraq?

Congressional inquiries begin this week into what UK and US intelligence agencies knew about the bombers' "lives of quiet desperation" and why more wasn't done to prevent the bombing. Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other prominent Democrats believe the tragedy that killed 60 in London on 7/7 could have been avoided.

Pelosi believes, "both American and British governments were blind to 'the many red flags' present in the lives of at least two of the bombers: Shehzad Tanweer (L) Hasib Hussain (R)."

"Let's face it," Pelosi stated, "happy people don't blow themselves up. Had the President not been on vacation so much this Summer, perhaps he and his administration would have noticed the warning signs."

House Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) echoed Ms. Pelosi's concern, "Hussain, the bomber ringleader, had been moping around the house for weeks. I mean, police even found bad poetry and Morrissey posters in his apartment. What did Blair and Bush need, a written invitation?"

Friends of the troubled pair say just days prior to their deaths they had become withdrawn and had given away all of their favorite CDs, RPGs, and beheading videos. Sources indicate both had even lost interest in their favorite activities: beating Jews and Christians, subjugating unclean whores, and building detonators.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) reinforced their assessments, "A blind man could have seen this coming. Suffice to say, a Kerry administration would
have intervened early with a crack team of therapy counselors trained to get these troubled youths they help they so desperately needed. This was not an act of terror so much as a cry for help."

Saturday, August 06, 2005

If Limbaugh Had a Loan Scandal...

60 Minutes staffers would be taking bathroom breaks in the satellite trucks idling on Rush's lawn.

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is now investigating the dubious loans made to Air America from a non-profit boys & girls club. Failure of AAR to repay the $875,000 has led to the collapse of the charity organization. (FYI - if my business model ever involves loans from a non-profit, please ask me to reconsider my business model.)

10 days and counting since this story broke - no word yet from Newsweek, New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and company.

BoreAmerica picks up their slack as does Michelle Malkin.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Mainstream Media Ignores Missing Minority Kids

What Else Does Mainstream Media Omit from News?

Meet Tamika Huston. She's been missing since May of 2004. The FBI believes she was kidnapped from her apartment in Spartanburg, SC.

She's had almost no major media attention until a small number of stories aired this Summer.
The few outlets that have featured her have done so not to highlight her abduction so much as to ask why - why so little attention has been paid to her story and dozens of other missing kids and adults? Meanwhile, an entire nation knows the names and faces of Natalee Holloway, Laci Peterson, and Lori Hacking from nearly non-stop coverage of their disappearances.

Tamika is a vibrant, pretty young woman, but like most Americans, I didn't know her story until recently.

Perhaps it's because news producers don't view
these kids quite as "camera ready" or as affluent as Ms. Holloway. Perhaps with some disappearances, there are mitigating circumstances involving runaway kids or custody battles.

However, there are many cases where the circumstances are exactly the same, yet major media shrugs.

This is media bias that makes political favoritism seem utterly unimportant. Yet, it stresses one important fact: mainstream media does not have accuracy or context in mind when its editors decide what to report and what to omit. Ratings and controversy are the only criteria considered.

Is it any wonder that readers are seeking out alternative sources for news and information in record numbers? If the MSM plays fast and loose with the facts surrounding missing children, what else is sacrificed on the altar of ratings?

Here is the link to the website for
Missing and Exploited Children. They have a listing of missing kids across the country and you can search their database by state too. You can even make a donation.

It's worth 10 minutes of your time - even if mainstream media doesn't believe it's worth theirs.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jewish Occupation and Aggression?

"PLO Charter Article 15: The liberation of Palestine is a national obligation for the Arabs. It is their duty to repel the Zionist and imperialist invasion of the greater Arab homeland and to liquidate the Zionist presence in Palestine."

Saw a post on a Leftist's blog that said the best way to end terrorism is to stop supporting Israel. I quote him below. Grammatical errors left intact:

"Stop supporting Israel. The root of all terrorism stems from the fact that Israel has systematically taken over Palestinian land, and are this stage [sic] it would appear that they are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian people."

How have American Liberals (and the European Left too) come to see Israel as the aggressor? Why do they demand they give up more of what little land they have. How has the only democracy (apart from the new Iraq) in a region full of brutal dictatorships become the bad guys?

Israel isn't perfect, but women do vote there and are not executed for being raped, last I checked. Too bad the rest of the countries in that region can't say the same.

This begs the question, are these Liberals anti-semites or simply their tools?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Air America in Deep Trouble, Debt, Sh*t

AAR's Ratings Shrink while Loan Scandal Grows

What did they know and when did they know it? Check the links under my profile for updated AAR scandal information.

See my take on the HBO Air America documentary "Left of the Dial" originally airing in April of this year.

"Clinton Kerry Graham Daschle Levin Berger Rockefeller Byrd Albright Gore Kennedy Pelosi -- Lied and Kids Died!"

"Without question, we need to disarm Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime ... He presents a particularly grievous threat because he is so consistently prone to miscalculation ... And now he is miscalculating America's response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction ... So the threat of Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction is real..." - Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Jan. 23. 2003

"I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force -- if necessary -- to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security." - Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9, 2002

"One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line." - President Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program." - President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

"We must stop Saddam from ever again jeopardizing the stability and security of his neighbors with weapons of mass destruction." - Madeline Albright, Feb 1, 1998

"He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983." - Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998

"[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs."Letter to President Clinton. - (D) Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, others, Oct. 9, 1998

"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process." - Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

"Hussein has ... chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies." - Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

"We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandate of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them." - Sen. Carl Levin (D, MI), Sept. 19, 2002

"We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country." - Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

"Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power." - Al Gore, Sept. 23, 2002

"We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction." - Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002

"The last UN weapons inspectors left Iraq in October of 1998. We are confident that Saddam Hussein retains some stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, and that he has since embarked on a crash course to build up his chemical and biological warfare capabilities. Intelligence reports indicate that he is seeking nuclear weapons..." - Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV), Oct. 3, 2002

"There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years ... We also should remember we have always underestimated the progress Saddam has made in development of weapons of mass destruction." - Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D, WV), Oct 10, 2002

"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members ... It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons." - Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002

"We are in possession of what I think to be compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has, and has had for a number of years, a developing capacity for the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction." - Sen. Bob Graham (D, FL), Dec. 8, 2002

Leadership is standing behind a decision even when the going gets tough. Any wonder why Democrats found themselves out of power in 2004 Presidential election?

**Quotes compiled on Glenn Beck's site. Used without permission. I don't think he'll mind.