Saturday, July 30, 2005

Could Terrorism Actually Be Causing More Invasions?

And Other Headlines You Will Never See

LONDON - Radical Islamic clerics worry that the US may be using al-Qaeda as a recruiting tool.

WASHINGTON - Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) travels to Fallujah today to urge insurgents to deploy car bombs using cleaner, more eco-friendly hybrid vehicles.

SYRIA - With US invasions up 200% since 2001, many Arab leaders now wonder if Saddam's policies were responsible for the increase in pre-emptive US military actions.

PAKISTAN - Madrasas were empty today as students marched upon Arab capitals chanting "Bin Laden Lied and Kids Died" while carrying signs demanding an end to violent extremism.

Le Monde
FRANCE - Parisians of all ages took the streets this Memorial Day in somber recognition of American sacrifice during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. "Thank You, America. Your fathers and grandfathers will not be forgotten," said President Jacque Chirac in an address to hundreds of thousands grateful French citizens.

CAPETOWN - Senator Kennedy Flew to South Africa today for treatment of chronic alcoholism. Confirming speculation surrounding his departure, he spoke to reporters briefly before entering the private rehab facility. "It's time I took responsibility for my actions. It's time I sober up and begin apologizing to everyone I've hurt." Kennedy is expected to retire immediately to begin this mammoth undertaking.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Liberals Silent on Police Profiling of Mafia Members, Serial Killers, and White Collar Criminals

A New York Times editorial this week recommends not singling out subway passengers for bag searches recently implemented by the NYPD:

"The police officers must be careful not to give the impression that every rider who looks Arab or South Asian is automatically a subject of suspicion. They will naturally choose to search the bags of those people who appear suspicious, like those wearing bulky clothes in warm weather. But those who are selected simply because they are carrying packages should be chosen in a way that does not raise fears of racial profiling - by, for example, searching every 5th or 12th person, with the exact sequence chosen at random."

Conservatives would be ready to buy into this type of "concern" if it weren't so selectively applied and agenda driven. For fun, let's imagine these Opinion essays showing up in the NYT:
  • Although more than 90% of serial killers are Caucasian men, the FBI must not single out white men aged 25-45 as suspects. It's believed the Bureau has a "serial killer profile" agents have used for more than 20 years to track down and capture these killers.
  • Civil libertarians are concerned about the disproportionate numbers of Italian-American men questioned in connection with Gambino crime family operations over the past 30 years.
  • Democrats are alarmed by the disproportionate numbers of white male stock market analysts questioned in connection with insider trading scandals.
Ironic, since the New York Times would be the first to criticize police for inaction should a bomb go off in the Big Apple tomorrow.

For more information on the effectiveness of randomness, click here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Confessions of a Conservative Punk

Coming Soon:
How a Socialist Punker (the author) abandoned the Left and became a Conservative finding true independence,
individuality, and even rebellion along the way.

Yours Truly circa 1995

Thursday, July 21, 2005

U.S. Department of Hyperbole Warns of Dwindling Supplies of Exaggeration

Shortages expected to hit major media outlets and Democratic Party hardest

Reuters July 2005

Citing increased demand, sources within the department responsible for monitoring inventories of overstated emphasis warn of ever dwindling supplies of words misused by many Americans every day.

Department Secretary William Brown appealed for calm today, but made clear that if Americans do not begin to describe people, places, and things with proportionately descriptive rhetoric, mandatory rationing could begin for some words currently on the endangered list.

Brown cited "Nazi", "Liar", "Gulag", "Torture", and "Outrage" as the words most in danger of extinction. "We simply no longer have the luxury of throwing out "Gulag" anymore to describe confinement conditions less than agreeable to the prisoner. The term 'Nazi' must be reserved to describe Hitler's National Socialist Party or his followers. An "outrageous" event should be in some form or fashion, well, literally "outrageous."

Following a Rose Garden reception for South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan, President Bush reinforced the Secretary's message, "History books need these important words to warn future generations of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hussein, and others who have filled gas chambers and mass graves with the innocent. I urge every American to mean what they say."

Echoing Mr. Bush's comments, Vice-President Cheney added that creative works of fiction could also be affected, "It's worth noting that Pinocchio could not be written today due to the shortage of the word "Liar."

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean dismissed the President's comments as "The latest outrage by white Christians who want nothing more than to silence women and return minorities into slavery. The entire Bush Administration has been one lie and one atrocity after another."

Mr. Dean was suddenly surrounded by Federal agents and notified he would be placed under arrest for violation of the Endangered Language Act of 2005. The diminutive Dean proved difficult for agents of average height to apprehend running through the legs of 3 officers and careening off a reporter's knee before finally being taken down by tazer. Onlookers casually dispersed as agents began furiously pummeling a semi-conscious Dean with night sticks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rove Grand Jury Transcript: "Plame Plame Bo Bame Banana Fana Fo Fame"

It appears critics of the Administration were correct in suspecting Rove of playing the name game with Mrs. Plame's cover.

Rove continued:

Wilson Wilson bo bilson
Banana fana fo filson
Fe fi fo filson

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Poll: Who is the Most Dangerous Democrat?

When reviewing the rogues gallery that is today's Democratic Party, it may be hard to choose only one as THE most dangerous. However, please do your best to identify the one who poses the biggest threat to the United States and its interests.

Poll created using Web Surveyor.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Karl Rove: The Architect....of Liberal Buffoonery

As evidence mounts implicating the press itself for the Plame leak, you've got to wonder if Rove IS, in fact, the cunning mastermind the Left thinks he is.

Is Karl Rove the puppet master gleefully manipulating his Liberal marionettes into one disaster after another?

I'm beginning to think it's not coincidence that Liberals and their press have never looked more "Jerry Lewis" than since Rove took over as Presidential Advisor. You know, the "buck-teeth, coke-bottle glasses, stepping into toilet bowls Jerry Lewis" the French love so much.

At this week's press briefing, I halfway expected a bug-eyed Terry Moran to start spastically shouting "LOVELY LADY!" before subsequently face planting into a lemon meringue pie.

It seems lately that Liberal newshounds are baited a little too easily into climbing the walls and rabidly lunging at beams of light cast only by flashlight.

Who is holding this flashlight? Rove? The President? Keyser Soze?

How far down the rabbit hole does this story go? We may never know.

What is likely is that this story will only get funnier. Or as one reader on puts it, "The next news to look for will be that the original source for the Plame name was a typewritten memo Judith Miller got from a stranger at a cattle show."

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And I Should Believe Mainstream Media's Take On Rove Because...?

While witnessing all the MSM Karl Rove blather lately, do you get the feeling of "hands on your shoulders" yet again?

I don't know what the truth is yet with this, but it's reassuring to know that bloggers will find it out.

Blogging From the Beach this Week

Updating from Nags Head, NC this week.

To the left is a shot of the surf at 5:45 AM yesterday. Nags Head is big enough to find stuff to do, but small enough to get away from the crowds you might find at Myrtle Beach, SC or Virginia Beach.

It's also A LOT cleaner than both of the above destinations.

The history here is pretty cool - the term "Nags Head" comes from pirates long ago who would ambush other pirates by walking a donkey or "nag" with a lantern around its neck up and down the beaches at night.

From a distance, pirates at sea would be fooled into thinking this light was coming from a lone unprotected vessel and they'd move to assault it.

Imagine their surprise when they ran aground and were met with swarms of marauders climbing the sides of their boat from waist deep waters. More Nags Head history here.

The super cool staff of Front Porch Cafe' have free Wi-Fi and have allowed me to blog from their parking lot.

They have great speciality coffee drinks and make a MEAN cappuccino.

I'm feeling better already.

Off to the beach - it's raining today, but as they say, a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

We're Waiting....

Tom Friedman writes:

Because there is no obvious target to retaliate against, and because there are not enough police to police every opening in an open society, either the Muslim world begins to really restrain, inhibit and denounce its own extremists - if it turns out that they are behind the London bombings - or the West is going to do it for them. And the West will do it in a rough, crude way - by simply shutting them out, denying them visas and making every Muslim in its midst guilty until proven innocent.

And because I think that would be a disaster, it is essential that the Muslim world wake up to the fact that it has a jihadist death cult in its midst. If it does not fight that death cult, that cancer, within its own body politic, it is going to infect Muslim-Western relations everywhere. Only the Muslim world can root out that death cult. It takes a village. . . .

The Muslim village has been derelict in condemning the madness of jihadist attacks. When Salman Rushdie wrote a controversial novel involving the prophet Muhammad, he was sentenced to death by the leader of Iran. To this day - to this day - no major Muslim cleric or religious body has ever issued a fatwa condemning Osama bin Laden.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

There'll Always Be An England

There'll always be an England, While there's a country lane,

Wherever there's a cottage small, Beside a field of grain.

There'll always be an England, While there's a busy street,

Wherever there's a turning wheel, A million marching feet.

Red, white and blue, What does it mean to you?

Surely you're proud, Shout it aloud.

Britons awake! The Empire too, We can depend on you,

Freedom remains, These are the chain Nothing can break.

There'll always be an England, And England shall be free,

If England means as much to you, As England means to me.

- Ross Parker & Hugh Charles

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There Is No Threat

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."
--Charles Baudelaire

SenatorJoe McCarthy and Roy Cohn

In the spirit of recent formal apologies on topics ranging from lynchings to US soldiers abusing prisoners, to US Senators abusing US soldiers, why don't we pause a moment to reflect another sad American chapter - The Red Scare and its only innocent victim, Joe McCarthy.

Thanks to the Venona project, a secret FBI/NSA/CIA program that intercepted and deciphered Soviet diplomatic transmissions from 1937 until 1980, it is clear now that McCarthy was exactly right about Communists in the American government. In fact, he had underestimated the depth, scope, and severity of the breach.

Soviet cables now make clear that 349 Americans were in fact working for Stalin from 1939-1957. The most famous among those confirmed as spies were Alger Hiss (whose unfortunate code name was "LIBERAL") and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. See below for a listing of identified Communists.

Although Venona became public in 1995, relatively little attention has been paid to it. Conservatives must champion this as the biggest "I told you so!" of the ages. If we don't, apparently no one else will. The lack of attention paid to Venona tells us as much about academic and media agenda today as it does during McCarthy's time.

Simply put -
Joe McCarthy deserves a posthumous apology from the US Senate. Further, the Democratic Party should own up to its grim history of Soviet appeasement, collaboration with, and support for a regime responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people. Some estimates have the Soviet machine responsible for over 170 million deaths worldwide.

Had the Democrats and Hollywood Left rejected and exposed Communists in their midst, perhaps the Cold War could have ended decades earlier with millions of lives saved.

However, with so many pledging their loyalties to the Russian cult of State, Liberals chose instead to destroy McCarthy, write fiction portraying "victimhood", and sling counter charges that the only danger we faced as Americans was from reckless Republicans with the audacity to ask about their fraternization with the enemy. While millions were marched off to gulags to dig their own graves, American Liberals sobbed hysterically about being blacklisted by film studios or questioned about their actual support for actual Communists. {Keep in mind that Democrats during this time supported the internment of thousands of innocent Japanese citizens.}

I guess it should come to no surprise how little attention has been paid to Venona by major media, the Democratic party, universities, high schools, show business, popular culture, etc.. Kids today are still reading Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter and Arthur Miller's The Crucible as allegories for McCarthy's crusade. Ann Coulter does a great job detailing this dynamic in her book , Treason.

How does this happen? CNN's Harvey Klehr examines the Red Scare and sums up major media's thoughts on the Venona revelations thus:

"This new evidence is forcing the revision of many of the prevailing myths about the internal communist threat to American democracy in the postwar era. None of it exculpates McCarthy. He remains a political bully who hurt a number of people."

A bully who hurt people? This would be a fine assessment of things had McCarthy not been right. How does Klehr suggest one should react to those secretly sending Stalin sensitive information? Tickling them into submission? I'm sure Nazi collaborators were "hurt" too when they were outed. And, I'll bet that cockroaches don't like it when the light turns on in the basement either.

In another "circle the wagons" assessment, the late Democratic Senator Daniel Moynihan reviewed the impact of Venona in a book entitled Secrecy: The American Experience published in 1998. In typical Liberal fashion, he blames everyone but the spies themselves and his own party's complicit tolerance of them. Below he specifically blames the FBI four decades later for keeping the spy list secret:

"Not for another forty years would government tell what it actually knew about the Communist conspiracy: there had indeed been one, but it had never been massive; it has first been contained, then suppressed. A democracy does not leave its citizens uninformed on these matters."

"Not been massive?" If you don't think that 349 Soviet spies working inside all three branches of government qualifies as massive, then what does? It's well known today that publicizing the names would have tipped off the Soviets that we had broken their codes. Knowing the risks involved, the names of those spying were kept confidential at the personal request of General Omar Bradley.

Suppressed? How so, Senator? Or, would detailing the damage done by Democrats during this era be too much even for today's Democrats to explain away? It's simply easier to claim, "There was no threat."

Sound familiar?

I take heart in the fact that what happened to McCarthy won't happen again. With tens of thousands of bloggers coming online everyday we're part of an "Information Reformation" that is returning truth to its rightful owners. The OMSM (once mainstream media) can no longer operate as the Ministry of Information for the Left. If they won't apply scrutiny - bloggers will.

Thanks to this new dynamic, Liberals now have to back up their charges as well as their denials. The Dick Durbins of the world now have to explain what they mean as their speeches are heard. Their behavior is observed. Their hyperbole deflated and their support for our enemies is more evident than ever. It's apparent now that we can't trust media to act as the "watchdog of government" if they attack and destroy those who would otherwise protects us.

In light of Venona, words like treason, sedition, and traitor have new relevance. Despite what Liberals would have you believe, loyalty is a valid topic for debate. There is dissent and loyal opposition - then there are lies from the mouths of Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Dick Durbin and company designed to embolden our enemies, slander our good names, and create more dangerous conditions for our soldiers.

Most likely, McCarthy will remain a bogeyman for some time to come. Without his convenient ghost to conjure , the Left would actually have to answer to critics questioning their aiding and abetting of our enemies.

Although the names and times have changed, the players are no different today than in McCarthy's time. We're at war, with many among us (mostly on the Left) claiming there is no real danger but that posed by John Ashcroft, or Alberto Gonzales, or Karl Rove, or Halliburton, or Conservatives in general. Meanwhile, the media seem content to report solely on the operational efficiency of the enemy or how American soldiers are forcing terrorist inmates to listen to rap music.

So when Michael Moore states, "Somebody needs to just say this: there is no terrorist threat..." you might reconsider his motives and take a look at the list of American traitors below who comprised "no threat" 50 years ago.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
List of Americans in Venona Papers

349 U.S. citizens, noncitizen immigrants, and permanent residents of the United States who had covert relationships with Soviet intelligence were confirmed in the Venona traffic. Of these 171 are identified by true names and 178 are known only by a cover name.

Click Here for a complete listing of all the names and more information on the Venona Project.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ann Coulter Bids Farewell to Dan Rather

Speaking of Ann, check out this brilliant send-off she gives Dan Rather at the Media Research Center's Dishonor Awards last April.

It's an 8 minute real video file complete with clips from the Dan himself. You can check out the complete Dishonorable rundown here.
The MRC catalogs and keeps track of MSM bias. This site answers definitively the question, "What Liberal Media?"

You'll need RealPlayer if you don't have it already.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bush Must Replace O'Connor with a Woman

Mr. President, these women are lawyers too.
(Re-Posting this piece from July)

Many are recommending President Bush replace Sandra Day O'Connor with a female to ensure a woman's point of view will be heard on the nation's highest court.

I couldn't agree more. That's why we're recommending Ann Coulter.

Why not? She is a lawyer with an impeccable Conservative pedigree. Let's face it. Anyone he sends before the Senate for confirmation will have to survive the coming filibuster and the Democratic character assassination squads. Why not nominate someone who can fight back?

Too Right-wing, you say? Okay, how about Laura Ingraham?

Laura is an attorney too who even worked for Justice Clarence Thomas for a while. While she is a "hair" (no pun intended) to the Left of Coulter, she could definitely hold her own against Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, and friends. Heck, she might even stand a chance against John McCain.

On second thought, while both have the credentials, perhaps neither has the wisdom that comes only with more age and experience. You can't put too high a value on wisdom. So, this leaves us with only one possible choice:

Phyllis Schlafly

No, really.
Phyllis Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University; she received her J.D. from Washington University Law School, and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard University. She has testified before more than 50 Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional, national defense, and family issues.

This remarkable woman combines the leadership of Ronald Reagan with the determination and stately presence of Margaret Thatcher. Take a good look Mr. President.

It is impossible to know who the President will ultimately send up before the Senate at this point. However, if his nominee turns out to be a woman, she might consider bringing along some pepper mace in her pocketbook.